Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cartuna Rises!

Hey there,

My apologies to anybody who checks this blog with any regularity for going on hiatus with such an... unsavory image left at the top of the page.

I've hit a busy time, and can't make any promises about frequency of posting, but I'll try to do my best to avoid such long intervals in the future.

ANYWAY, one of the major things contributing to my busy-ness is that I have been re-welcomed into the fold at Ain't-It-Cool-News. As a result, I'll be once again contributing animation to the corner of the masthead.

Huzzah! More Harry-Heads!

In my halcyon days of youth, under the pen-name of "Cartuna" and working in close collaboration with Mr. Knowles (as he insists I call him (something to do with keeping lackeys in their proper place)) I was producing super-short animated cartoons for AICN on an almost daily basis. It was some of the most fun I've had in my animation career. But alas, the starving artist bit can only go so far, and I was forced to get a 'real job.'

But now...
The time has come.
Cartuna must rise once more!


The first new Harry Head is up on Ain't-It-Cool right now.
Go look.
Seriously, go.