Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Masculine Lady - Feminine Man?

Just an experiment.

Somebody I saw on the TTC.


LOOCH said...

That's great Campbell. She (or he) reminds me of my 2nd grade teacher Ms. Cotten. What do you use for colour?

ChewBloggers said...

Well well well...if it ain't me old pal who used to sit in front of me drawin rabbits that unnecessarily got redone!!!

hey cam...great to see you up about you every once in a while and i get all misty for those bygone days...

i really like this lady!!!
be seein ya on le blogues

take care

dcmackinlay said...


I did the rough in Flash, and the other rough in Painter. :) Fine programs, both. Hope I learn how to use one of them one day.

Thanks, Joe! Nice to hear from you.

I've been following the chewblog for a while. I was just biding my time, waiting for a terrible posting that I could slam and insult before I commented. Sadly, that day hasn't come yet.

I often find myself misty about the Bash as well, but moreso the fine folks that I have neglected staying in touch with.

Hope you're doing well. Take care.

SteveLambe said...

And a very successful experiment it is. Awesome!!! Great to see you trying something outside the flash womb. She's way too comfy an environment ;)

You got me inspired to get back to trying more Painter type experiments.

Thanks, Dr.MacKinlay!!

Mark McDonnell said...

Fun sketch and nice pallete.